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19401 S Vermont Ave., F100 Torrance, CA 90502
  (844) 562-8282


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Leading clinical research center, specializing in the testing of new medications and treatments for a variety of mental health, neurological and general health conditions.

We are a leading clinical research center specializing in the design and conduct of clinical trials for new medications and treatments in various therapeutic areas including mental heath, neurology, and general health conditions.

CNS has four outpatient clinics located throughout California and a 25, 000 square foot phase I clinical pharmacology unit centrally located in the greater Los Angeles area. Our staff members are experienced working with both healthy participants as well as select patient populations. Our CPU hosts a state-licensed, JACHO accredited, Psychiatric Health Facility (PHF). This hospital facility is uniquely capable of serving the needs for acute psychiatric clinical research as well as private hospitalization.

CNS Network is a medical laboratory located in Torrance, CA.

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